Why 2 ex-homeless guys want to GIVE AWAY $35,000 CASH (story inside)

We did it again :-)

After already giving away over $75,000 in CASH and PRIZES in our first 2 huge affiliate contests only in our first 7 months in existence…

…to normal people just like you – simply because – we WANTED to – we’re doing again.

Just this time, we’re doing it in BIGGER and BETTER fashion.

At ‘Fight the Forces of Evil’ – our event in San Diego, we gave away $35,000 CASH on stage to the top 3 winners  of our brand new (just announced, then) affiliate contest.

And the stage was front and center in front of over 3,000 screaming, chanting, and pumped up Empower Network bad asses.

In June, in Atlanta  – we counted out and handed over $12,000 CASH to Mack Zidon on stage in front of a huge 1,200 person audience….

TwoHomelessGuys1…and we actually caught it all on film – you can watch it here.

And just because we gave Mack $12,000 CASH does not guarantee or imply you will also earn $12,000 in CASH. And even though this was not even a picture of Mack’s commissions, but simply an affiliate prize he won, you can still view our full earnings disclosure to stay up-to-date with the average earnings of our members.

It actually took about 5 minutes to count it all out. And the audience helped count every hundred dollar bill.

This time, I expect it to take 20 minutes….

…because we have to count out triple the CASH….

….to the TOP 3 winners.

Not just one person.

That just gets me pumped up thinking about it.

But that’s not all :)

In Atlanta, we treated the leaders to a special day – where we picked them up in stretch Hummers and took them on an all expense paid ‘vacation’ day to the out skirts of Atlanta where we bought them fine cuisine, masterminded with them….

TwoHomelessGuys2…..and mapped out the vision of the company, and the plan to PAY-OUT $100 million dollars in commissions over the next 12 months.


And that plan IS WORKING.

The good news is:

In San Diego, for the TOP 25 winners, we did the same thing again.

YOU want to be there with us.

Trust me.

In Atlanta, we also held a private, ‘pre-event’ leaders only training for 100 people where we laid out the goal of the event, and let them in on the vision of the leaders.

Everyone had an opportunity to meet Dave and I, and the leaders, and snap a picture and ask a few questions.

The training was awesome – and the value was PRICELESS.



In San Diego, for the TOP 150 winners, we did the same thing again.

You’ll have exclusive access to the ‘pre-event’ leaders only mastermind session, PLUS VIP seating in the FRONT of the room at the event.

You want this.

The only catch for the contest is….

You have to be active.

You have to be ‘all in’.

And you have to be at the event.

(the details for the contest will be in your back office this week)

The next Event in Chicago starts 19 April 2013 and goes until April 21 if you are a member of the Empower Network.

The people are pumped.

I’m pumped.

And anyone can win.

Empower Network is not here to serve the classes.

We’re here to serve the masses.

It’s simple.

We’re here:

For the people….

…by the people.

And there’s NO PLACE anywhere online that you can step your game up to BIG LEAGUE status as quickly as you can here at Empower Network.

The exposure you’ll get by having your name in the winners list for tens-of-thousands of people to see every week – every day – constantly over the next 2 months…..

….is the single MOST profitable thing you can can do for your business RIGHT NOW.

The leaders are gearing up.

I know – I’m talking to them.

The people who have been sitting on the sidelines watching…..


Sitting poised for the perfect time to start building their empire here with Empower are NOW getting ‘all in’.

It’s time YOUR time.

You can do this.

And if you’re not ‘in’ Empower Network yet – get in here (click).

I don’t normally post the recordings of our ‘Monday Night Empower Hour Call’ on the front of the blog – I leave it reserved for members to listen to in the members area….

If you’re feeling…..


Burnt out….



Or just need to hear the MOST bad ass call ever.

(I’m sooo not kidding)

….then Join the Empower Network and listen..

Our time is NOW.

There are some SERIOUS things on that call you will WANT to hear.

And you’ll LOVE hearing them.

I’ll see you on stage in Chicago.

Let’s Lock Arms….

Fight the Forces of Evil …and Make Money!

David Sharpe
Co-Founder of the Empower Network Movement

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