The PLEASURE with Personalized Information


What is the Best way to Describe what some call ‘Personalized Information’?

Simple: Personalized Information could be described as ‘Content that adapts to the Right person at the Right time’, hence the term ‘Adaptive Content’.

One wouldn’t understand why that might seem extreme for some, but more than anything it suggests how much people are fed up with irrelevant, banal content that doesn’t address their needs.. heck! it happens to me more often than not, when I am searching and re-searching for my subject matter, not to mention when I am doing research for myself, I need answers and.. I simply cannot find them,

Sadly, that message doesn’t seem to be getting through to marketers fast enough, therefore I point out to Demian’s Quick Quizz and his findings:

“What would you be willing to give up to receive information that interests you?”

Chocolate for a month? Your smartphone for a day? Sex?

Sounds crazy, but according to a July 2013 study by Janrain, 25 percent of adults would be willing to give up chocolate for a month to receive content tailored to their tastes.

Twenty-one percent said they would give up their smartphones for a day. And yes, there were people who said they would give up sex to receive information that interests them. Thirteen percent, in fact.

And not just for a day. Nor a week. No. They would give up sex for an entire month.

A month.

So our next question becomes: What should you personalize? Everything?

No, it doesn’t have to be everything. But as content marketers in an ever-evolving landscape, we should begin thinking about personalizing these eight parts of the content we produce:

1.- Website home page elements,

2.- Search results within our websites,

3.- Hooks,

4.- Bullets,

5.- Landing page offers,

6.- Product page recommendations,

7.- Post-order email copy, and

8.- Triggered emails.

There is no doubt that personalization enhances the user experience. And what would you give up in order to receive personalized information that interests you?

via: 8 Conversion-Boosting Ways to Personalize Your Content


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